Paranormal Activity Research Society (P.A.R.S.)

Paranormal Activity Research Society (P.A.R.S.) is a paranormal research group based in Monmouth County, NJ.  We perform professional and confidential investigations for private residences and businesses.

Is My House Haunted?

If you answer yes to at least five of the following questions, contact us for a free investigation.



1-Do pets seem to be afraid to enter certain areas of the house?

2-Have you heard your name called when nobody is home?

3-Do you hear noises such as scratching or knocking in the walls?

4-Do you feel like you are being watched?

5-Have you seen doors open and close by themselves?

6-Do children have an abnormal amount of conversations with imaginary friends?

7-Do photos taken in the home show odd forms, lights, mists or shapes?

8-Do you at times catch movement from your peripheral vision?

9-Have there been any deaths in the home or on the property?

10-Has anyone ever used a ouija board or practiced black magic in the home?

11-Do you experience unusual cold spots in areas of the home?

12-Have you noticed negative personality changes in family members without warning?

13-Have you heard footsteps in the house when nobody is home?

14-Does electronic equipment turn on and off by themselves?

15-Do items disappear only to appear later in a different area?




Monmouth County, NJ


Phone: +1 732 241-4607