September 16th, 2017- Hinsdale House, Hinsdale, NY



 The Hinsdale House in Upstate NY is reportedly one of the most violent haunted locations in the country. Unforntunately, on this night, after spending nearly 12 hours at the location, we neither experienced anything or captured any evidence. That doesn't mean it's not haunted. You never know what kind of activity you're going to get at a particular location at any given time. We plan on returning in the future to try again.

September 15th, 2017-Rolling Hills Asylum, East Bethany, NY


Rolling Hills was established in 1827 as a County Poor House. It became a refuge for some of societies less fortunate including widows, orphans, the mentally ill and even criminals. It has over 1700 documented deaths and many more not recorded. We were lucky to capture several EVP's during our investigation.


We were rolling a ball down the hallway at one point during the investigation. Sounds like "Don't touch the ball"
RH Dont touch.mpeg
MPEG video file [2.9 MB]
Not sure exactly what the investigator says right before we capture the EVP "i don't want to"
RH i dont want to.mpeg
MPEG video file [5.3 MB]
Sounds like "damn you"
RH damn you.mpeg
MPEG video file [3.9 MB]
This was captured in the morgue with no investigators in the area at the time. "I will kill you"
RH I will kill you.mpeg
MPEG video file [2.8 MB]
You will here some investigators in the room next door when we capture, "who is it?"
RH who is it.mpeg
MPEG video file [3.4 MB]
This one is interesting. As the investigator moves the camera, we captured a very static like or mechanical voice repeating a phrase twice. Sounds like "Don't touch the ??"
RH dont touch 2x.mpeg
MPEG video file [3.9 MB]

June 10th, 2017 Bolton Mansion, Levittown, PA


Built between 1687 & 1790 The mansion is rumored to have several spirits roaming the grounds, including 2 women, a child and a rebel sodier. It was a great investigation and after the results we got, we believe it's definitely haunted.

With no one in the area at the time, there's a bang followed by some flashlight play
BM Flaslight.mpeg
MPEG video file [5.9 MB]
Is someone whispering "Hello"?
BM Hello.mpeg
MPEG video file [2.9 MB]
Whispering "Help Me"
BM Help Me.mpeg
MPEG video file [2.9 MB]
Odd "cluck" noise followed by another "Help Me"
BM Help Me2.mpeg
MPEG video file [2.9 MB]
All investigators were present but this was not heard at the time of recording. Only on review did we hear it.
BM Yell.mpeg
MPEG video file [1.9 MB]
Just before we finish asking the question, there's a faint "Yes"
BM Yes.mpeg
MPEG video file [2.9 MB]
We were told the little girls name was Abigail. We believe it so after this EVP.
BM Abigail.mpeg
MPEG video file [6.3 MB]
We were not sure of Abigail's age, so we asked.
BM 4.mpeg
MPEG video file [8.7 MB]

April 22nd, 2017 Red Mill Museum, Clinton, NJ


The Red Mill has a long history, some tragic. At least 2 deaths which include a hanging and a man accidentally falling in to the hopper and suffocating. It has longed thought to be haunted. Especially the Mill itself and the Schoolhouse. It has been featured on several paranormal shows and is the most photographed landmark in NJ.

We seemed to get a lot of taps and knocks in response in the schoolhouse.
RM tap1.mp3
MP3 audio file [319.6 KB]
RM tap2.mp3
MP3 audio file [131.4 KB]
RM tap3.mp3
MP3 audio file [111.4 KB]
RM tap4.mp3
MP3 audio file [323.7 KB]
We captured this on our recorder while walking up to the next floor. Sounds like "always better".
RM always better.mp3
MP3 audio file [47.3 KB]
You'll hear a click, then a short breath followed by a loud breath.
RM breath.mpeg
MPEG video file [4.3 MB]
An investigator will say "it works" followed by a whisper "get out".
RM get out.mpeg
MPEG video file [2.8 MB]
Very odd sound/voice.
RM noise1.mpeg
MPEG video file [2.0 MB]
Same stairwell. strange noise/voice. Keep in mind no one is in this area at the time.
RM noise2.mpeg
MPEG video file [2.0 MB]
Sounds like "gotcha" . We didn't hear this at the time. We only discovered it on review.
RM voice4.mpeg
MPEG video file [3.4 MB]
This one almost sounds like a distant yell. The water running under the mill makes it loud and hard to hear.
RM voice3.mpeg
MPEG video file [2.4 MB]
Another "yell" from the same floor which is unoccupied. Once again there's a lot of water noise.
RM whisper.mpeg
MPEG video file [2.4 MB]

April 1st, 2017 Florist, Wall, NJ


Continued activity in the business led the owner to call us in and try to find out exactly what was going on. Reports of items moving, displays being rearranged and feelings of being watched. 


Caught this on the Ghost Box. We think it may be saying "leave"
WF voice.mpeg
MPEG video file [2.4 MB]
We asked if it indeed said leave and we got the same voice at 10 seconds.
WF voice2.mpeg
MPEG video file [5.9 MB]
Sounds like a faint female voice. Not sure what is being said.
WF female.mpeg
MPEG video file [2.9 MB]
Sounds like a very faint child's voice.
WF child.mpeg
MPEG video file [2.0 MB]
Strange voice at the end of this clip.
WF voice1.mpeg
MPEG video file [5.9 MB]

November, 2016- Private Residence, Staten Island, NY


We were asked to check out a small apartment in Staten Island that was thought to have a negative effect on the residents. We did capture a few EVP's.

Captured in the living room with no one present. "there's no room"
MPEG video file [2.9 MB]
Strange "moan" at the end of this clip.
MPEG video file [2.9 MB]
"it's right in front of your face" Is what we think is being said.
MPEG video file [2.9 MB]
Captured in an upstairs bedroom was an unknown voice.
MPEG video file [2.9 MB]
Sounds like "get out". You will hear the rempod alarm sound simultaneously.
MPEG video file [2.9 MB]

April 16th & June 25th, 2016-Private Farm, Middletown, NJ


We were asked to check out this farm due to activity affecting some of the animals. There also is a history of activity in an apartment connected to one of the barns.

You will hear 3 steps (not us) Then someone say they have the chills. At that moment the Rempod goes off.
MPEG video file [27.6 MB]
Faint whisper. Sounds like "help me"
MPEG video file [2.9 MB]
Rempod sounding when no one is around. Keep in mind, the only way to set it off is to physically break the emf field around it.
MPEG video file [8.8 MB]
More Rempod activity.
MPEG video file [16.5 MB]
Great communication using the Rempod.
MPEG video file [31.4 MB]
More conversation using the Rempod to communicate.
MPEG video file [10.6 MB]

June 11th, 2016-Gettsburg, PA


This was not so much an official investigation. We mainly went to check out the battlefields. We did briefly investigate a couple locations said to be very active.

After an investigator says let me see you and we'll go, we hear what sounds like "you're only gonna get me when i see"
MP3 audio file [201.2 KB]
Only gonna get me when i see (isolated)
MP3 audio file [63.3 KB]
After we ask how many are hear, "3" comes through the Ghost Box.
MPEG video file [4.4 MB]

May 21st, 2016- Private Home- Oyster Bay Long Island


This home was built in 1897 and has claims of footsteps, apparitions and disembodied voices. Residents have reported feelings of not being alone and pressure on their bed, as if someone was sitting there. 


*Unfortunately, we captured no evidence of ativity at this location on this night.