Paranormal Activity Research Society (P.A.R.S.)


October 22nd, 2016- Private Home, Hopewell, NJ


We were asked to investigate an old farmhouse built in the 1800's with years of paranormal activity. This home is definitely active with both residule and intelligent spirits.

Sounds like someone crying.
Hopewell Crying.mpeg
MPEG video file [8.3 MB]
Sounds like a flute being played. We were unable to find the source.
Hopewell Flute.mpeg
MPEG video file [5.8 MB]
You can hear us walking to a location. Sounds like "Follow this kid"
Hopewell Follow this kid.mpeg
MPEG video file [4.9 MB]
Unknown footsteps.
Hopewell Footsteps.mp3
MP3 audio file [94.3 KB]
Did we get a "hello" back?
Hopewell Hello.mp3
MP3 audio file [116.3 KB]
We think we hear "Patrick" Just after you hear it, an investigator says Patrick.
Hopewell Patrick.mpeg
MPEG video file [4.9 MB]
Hopewell Sigh.mpeg
MPEG video file [4.8 MB]
Very odd unidentifiable noise.
Hopewell Unknown noise.mpeg
MPEG video file [4.8 MB]
Unsure what is being said here.
Hopewell Voice 3.mpeg
MPEG video file [3.4 MB]
This one is strange. Sounds like something falling on the floor and a woman saying "What was that noise?" Funny thing is we have no recollection of hearing neither during the investigation and that's not the voice of the only woman who was there.
Hopewell What was that noise.mpeg
MPEG video file [5.9 MB]
A whisper from the other side?
Hopewell Whisper.mpeg
MPEG video file [4.9 MB]
Another whisper
Hopewell Whisper2.mpeg
MPEG video file [4.9 MB]
This is the most interesting one. You will hear the female owner of the house begin to speak then a whispery like womans voice followed by an unknown male voice. We can't make out what's being said.
Hopewell 2 voices.mpeg
MPEG video file [4.9 MB]

September 17th, 2016- Case/Dvoor Farmhouse, Flemington, NJ


The Case/Dvoor property is listed on the National Registers of Historic Places. The stone farmhouse was built in 1798. There was a murder in the basement in the 1800'S and a recent death in the main house. We did manage to capture a few things during our investiagtion and have determined the house to be haunted by a benevolent spirit.

Unknown source of loud pop.
MPEG video file [6.3 MB]
After the loud noise, we hear a whisper. Sounds like "see us"
MPEG video file [3.9 MB]
After an investigator says "we came a long way to speak with you" You will hear "why?"
MP3 audio file [184.9 KB]
Listen for a sigh followed by the word "nothing"
MP3 audio file [77.5 KB]
While walking up to the attic we captured a very odd voice but can't tell what exactly is being said.
MP3 audio file [61.6 KB]

May 4th, 2016- (3) Businesses, Atlantic Highlands, NJ


There have been a few claims of activity in several local businesses. The town has many historic buildings. Reports of shadows, chatter, objects moving and feelings of not being alone or being watched.

Vintage Variety Shop- Sounds like a female whisper saying something like "hell" or "help"
MPEG video file [3.8 MB]
Laundromat- You're going to hear the Ghostbox in the backround, then an incredibly clear and obvious "i don't want 'em here". Strange thing is it didn't come from the Ghostbox and we didn't hear it at the time. Only when we reviewed the audio did we catch it.
MPEG video file [5.8 MB]
Laundromat- Sounds like "who is that"
MPEG video file [3.9 MB]
Restaurant- This place felt the most active but we only caught one strange thing on audio. After the investigator says the word energy there's a voice.
MP3 audio file [72.7 KB]

December 12th, 2015-Private home, Highlands, NJ


Built in the 1850'S this is one of the oldest homes in the area. Only owned by 3 families over the last 160 years. The current owners experience footsteps, disembodied voices and a baby crying. 

Sounds like a whisper of "go" or "help"
MPEG video file [4.9 MB]
Something interferes with our camera. We lost picture and sound after this.
MPEG video file [3.4 MB]
The was a former owner named Ann Mcneil. While using the ghost box we caught what sounds like a woman answering "Mcneil" (towards the end of the recording)
MPEG video file [5.8 MB]
Although i'm not a big fan of the app Ghost Radar. We will try it from time to time to see if we get a quick and precise answer to a question. That's what we got here.
MPEG video file [8.3 MB]
Ghost Radar spit out yet another name. A sensitive, who did not attend the investigation and had no knowledge of what we experienced, called me the next morning and asked if the name George came up. Yes it did.
MPEG video file [4.4 MB]
Very faint whisper at 4 seconds. Not sure what is being said, but it's there.
MPEG video file [2.9 MB]

November 21st, 2015-Private home, Keyport, NJ


This home, built in the 1800's had claims of full body apparitons. There were letters found in the wall during reconstruction that dated back to that time. However, after a full investigation, we had no personal experiences nor did we capture any evidence on video or audio. 

October 17th, 2015-Haldeman Mansion, Bainbridege, PA


Built in the 1740's, the mansion and surrounding property was home to the Susquehanna and Conoy Indian tribes,early fur traders and officers in the French and Indian, Revolutionary and Civil Wars.  

a whisper saying "get out, fuck"
MPEG video file [4.8 MB]
Can't make out what is being said but there's a voice in this clip.
MPEG video file [4.8 MB]
Another voice in the middle of this clip.
MPEG video file [4.8 MB]
Whispering voice
MPEG video file [4.3 MB]
Just after the first investigator talks and just before the second, sounds like a child's voice.
MPEG video file [4.8 MB]
Strange froggy voice.
MPEG video file [4.8 MB]
Sounds like a woman's voice in the backround.
MP3 audio file [90.6 KB]
This is the reaction of 2 investigators as they were about to take a cell phone photo, something very bright and very fast shot across the room. As you can see it was not captured by our video camera.
MPEG video file [5.8 MB]

May 9th, 2015-Private Home, Toms River, NJ


We were aked to check out a rather new home that was said to have activity from a alleged suicide not too long ago. After investigating, we determined if there is anything going on here, it's residule. 

April 18th, 2015-Burlington County Prison, Mt. Holly, NJ


This was our second trip to the prison. We did't get a lot of activity but we have a few audio clips to share.

We didn't hear this at the time. Could it be saying "get out"
MPEG video file [5.3 MB]
About halfway through this audio clip, there is a strange voice.
MPEG video file [4.9 MB]
There's a very loud noise close to the camera. Afterwards, you will hear us on the other end of the cell block saying did you hear that?
MPEG video file [4.9 MB]
Another loud noise. Sounds like a cell door being slammed but we could not find the source.
MPEG video file [4.8 MB]

April 4th,2015-Private Home, Port Monmouth, NJ


There were some pretty serious claims of activity at this home. Strange pet behavior, items being moved, footsteps, electrical issues, objects being thrown. Even a spirit of a boy who has been seen by several people looking out the attic window. After our investigation, we concluded this home was definitely haunted by more than one spirit.

About 7 seconds in there is a deep sigh or gasp.
MPEG video file [5.3 MB]
Big EMF spike when we start talking about a female spirit.
MPEG video file [6.8 MB]
Another spike moments later.
MPEG video file [3.4 MB]
Unknown source of knocking caught on a recorder.
MP3 audio file [77.1 KB]
Odd metal on metal sound. Of the two investigators in the attic, only one heard it. The only way we could recreate it was to hit the heating pipe with something metal.
MP3 audio file [59.2 KB]
Same metallic sound. This time recorded by a camera.
MPEG video file [2.9 MB]
Loud floor creak in the hallway. No one was in that area at this time.
MP3 audio file [44.1 KB]
In between the talking, sounds like a child like voice twice
MP3 audio file [107.8 KB]
There is a voice just before the investigator begins to talk.
MPEG video file [2.9 MB]
After the investigator says "jacks", there seems to be some whispering.
MPEG video file [2.9 MB]
This one is very obvious and quite loud. Not sure what is being said or if it's just a breath.
MPEG video file [4.9 MB]
Floor creaking with no one present.
MPEG video file [2.9 MB]
Again, the attic is empty but there are sounds of movement.
MPEG video file [2.9 MB]
This is our only photographic evidence. Possible orb, top of the stairs at the right bottom of the door. We were told there is a woman spirit who likes to push people up and down the stairs.
JPG image [2.7 MB]

March 7th, 2015-Private Home, Toms River, NJ


We were called in to check out a small home with claims of odd sounds and physical interaction. The home was saged a few times before we arrived, which is probably why we didn't capture much evidence. We do have a couple audio clips to share.

Nobody in the room at this time. Sounds like 3 words or a 3 syllable word.
MPEG video file [1.6 MB]
Again, vacant room with sounds very close to camera.
MPEG video file [3.9 MB]
Sounds almost like a "grunt".
MPEG video file [1.5 MB]
There's a click then a whiny type sound. Obviously not heard by the investigator at the time.
MPEG video file [3.4 MB]

October 25th, 2014-Private Home, Little Silver, NJ


We were contacted by a woman in Little Silver who was looking for some help.  There were claims of a large green orb, apparitions, physical contact and a young child interacting with "someone" who wasn't there. There was a suicide in the garage at this home in the early 2000's. After investigation, we believe there is a presence in the house. There were several loud noises of movement on the second floor with no one up there. 

The first 7 clips are all unexplainable noises coming from the second floor.
MPEG video file [8.3 MB]
2 of 7
MPEG video file [5.9 MB]
3 of 7
MPEG video file [6.8 MB]
4 of 7
MPEG video file [9.2 MB]
5 of 7
MPEG video file [9.7 MB]
6 of 7
MPEG video file [11.6 MB]
7 of 7
MPEG video file [3.9 MB]
There is an investigator standing in the doorway, but we're not sure why the camera was entirely blocked out by a shadow.
MPEG video file [4.9 MB]
The hallway light was turned on for a brief second with no investigators on that floor at the time. It was caught by two cameras.
MPEG video file [4.8 MB]
Second camera that caught the hallway light.
MPEG video file [4.9 MB]
After we ask for a sign, the door slowly creaks open. The door didn't do this before or after this incident.
MPEG video file [11.1 MB]
There are 2 words spoken right off the bat in this clip. Then, after we ask if the little girl can see you, sounds like "yes"
MPEG video file [5.3 MB]
We ask "are you walking around this house" At the 11 second mark, sounds like "course.....not".
MPEG video file [7.8 MB]
Strange whispers and then a loud bang from the unoccupied second floor.
MP3 audio file [269.4 KB]
A Ghost Box scans through FM and AM frequencies and is believed to be able to help spirits communicate. After we ask for a name, we get something, just not sure what.
MP3 audio file [123.7 KB]
This is the Ghost Box answer isolated and turned up.
MP3 audio file [19.2 KB]

October 4th, 2014-Private Home, Pemberton, NJ


The owners claims on this large property include doors opening, objects moving, shadow play and a full body apparition. The home was built in the 1800's and there have been a few deaths there. 



As two investigators are walking from one location to another, there is a whisper.
MP3 audio file [56.3 KB]
This is the previous whisper isolated and higher volume.
MP3 audio file [19.6 KB]
Light anomaly from the window. This was the only time during the investigation we caught a light of any kind.
MPEG video file [4.9 MB]
Loud noise from inside the room. If you watch closely, the camera moves a bit.
MPEG video file [2.4 MB]
It's not on camera, but at the 6 second mark the door opens.
MPEG video file [5.8 MB]
At 3 seconds you will hear the same door open and then close a few seconds later.
MPEG video file [7.7 MB]
At the 2 second mark there is a faint whisper. Apparently the investigator heard it because she turns to look.
MPEG video file [6.3 MB]
This is the previous whisper isolated.
MPEG video file [586.0 KB]

September 13th, 2014-2 Private Homes, Medford, NJ


We were asked to check out two neighboring homes in the Pinelands. One owner claims seeing three people on her porch every now and again and she has also felt she has been pinned down in bed. The owners of the second home just feel a heavyness and feel the land may be "bad" so to speak. They are having problems with the home itself. A new roof that refuses to stop leaking and electricty with a mind of it's own. There has also been a highly unusual amount of lighting strikes on the property. We were not able to capture any evidence of activity at this location. It's sometimes difficult to just arrive at a location and expect to capture activity. Not all investigations give us what we're looking for. Maybe they don't want to interact with us or maybe there are other logical explanations for what is happening.



August 30th, 2014-Private Home, Verona, NJ


This was our second trip to this home. The Caretaker of an elderly man who recently started there, was claiming activity. Lights turning on and off, doors opening, disembodied voices, shadows and even being physically attacked. Our first investigation turned up empty and we even did a house cleansing before we left. Our Psychic sensed a few spirits there including the deceased wife of the elderly man. The cleansing was meant for everything other than the wife. We thought she should remain in her home with her husband until she was ready to move on. We were immediately called back because the activity intensified greatly. During our second investigation, we captured some EVP's and seemed to capture a voice during a ghost box session. Based on our findings, we believe the wife does not want the caretaker there and she is not going anywhere until her husband passes.

After the caretaker says "say your name" there is an inaudible response,( 4 syllables.)
MPEG video file [4.9 MB]
Ghost box session #1. "get the fuck"
MPEG video file [3.9 MB]
Listen closely at 4-5 seconds. "she hates her"
MPEG video file [3.9 MB]
We were having a discussion. Listen very closely at 4 seconds. "Get out"
MPEG video file [3.4 MB]
This is an excellent ghost box session. Starts off with "get the fuck" again. After the caretaker says "push me down the stairs?" there is a quick "yes". Finally, after the caretaker says "is that who you are?" we get "that's me"
MPEG video file [10.7 MB]

August 16th, 2014-Private Home, Navesink, NJ


This investigation included the main home, an old stone barn and a small vacant cottage. We had a few minor personal experiences in the basement of the main home as well as some interesting video of some kind of energy making a few appearances. The owner witnessed something negative attached to her husband, but the home was cleansed some time before our investigation. We believe there is a positive presence in the basement of the main home. We also believe that something is occupying the barn and cottage, but didn't get a sense that it was anything negative. Could be mostly residual energy. 

We are not big fans of "orbs" Most are dust or insects reflecting the light from the camera. However, the following 5 clips show what we believe there is some kind of energy in the basement of the main home. I have seen my share of insects on camera. This seems to be moving far too slow and takes a strange pattern. It also just fades out. It doesn't fly off. If it were dust, there would be many more particles in the air with it
MPEG video file [13.5 MB]
# 2- watch bottom right.
MPEG video file [11.6 MB]
#3- middle of the screen.
MPEG video file [3.3 MB]
#4- bottom right again.
MPEG video file [3.3 MB]
#5- Caught with the lights on while we were setting up. Starts off on top left.
MPEG video file [19.9 MB]
Listen closely. There is whispering, then an investigator says " did you hear that?" then whispering again and again investigator says "hear that?" This was in the basement where we caught the "orb"
MPEG video file [4.8 MB]
At 10 seconds there seems to be a whisper, "no"
MPEG video file [5.9 MB]
We got this in the cottage as we were leaving. First word is unknown but then you'll hear "Shhhhh, out yet"
MP3 audio file [66.1 KB]
I captured this during a preliminary visit to the barn. Did a short 5 minute EVP session to see if i could get lucky. I sat down on a bench which happened to have a very old children's coffin on it. Sounds like a woman singing or humming. The barn is far from the road and main home.
MP3 audio file [90.2 KB]

July 15th, 2014-Dublin house, Red Bank, NJ


The Dublin House is about 175 years old. It has been moved and remodeled several times. It started as a small house in Middletown before being moved to Red Bank in 1840 It was moved a second time in 1868 and then to Monmouth Street.

The home was owned by the Patterson family and the current owners believe Mrs. Patterson may still be there, among others. We had some Rempod and EMF interaction. There was also a lot of noise on the third floor, but only after we went downstairs. We captured it on our recorders we left behind. We believe there is definitely someone (or two) lingering there. < New text box >>

3rd floor. Sounds like glasses clinking and then a door slamming. No one is up there at this time.
MP3 audio file [124.1 KB]
Watch the flashlight after we ask if there is a female spirit there.
MPEG video file [21.8 MB]
Again, no one on this floor. Seems like someone is trying to move the camera. Watch closely at 3 seconds and 35 seconds.
MPEG video file [30.0 MB]
After we ask for someone to approach the meter, sounds like "it's dark" (between 4/5 seconds)
MPEG video file [5.4 MB]
After we say your family is waiting for you and we pick up the recorder, sounds like "pick up". This was not the person who picked up the recorder.
MP3 audio file [157.5 KB]
After we ask for a name, there is a low whisper of "Nooooooo" (7/8 seconds)
MP3 audio file [145.3 KB]
After you hear an investigator say "took a second", there is a strange voice at 3/4 seconds. Then another investigator says "you hear that" and mentions she heard a voice.
MP3 audio file [245.7 KB]
This is the strange voice isolated from the previous clip.
MP3 audio file [29.8 KB]
1st floor dining area. At 3 seconds sounds like "Pssst" followed by "listen to me" (very low whisper) Immediately after listen to me, sounds like "are you a friend?" in a different voice.
MPEG video file [4.4 MB]
This is "Are you a friend?" isolated from the previous clip.
MPEG video file [1.5 MB]

June 21st, 2014-Marconi Hotel, Wall, NJ


The Marconi was a great place to investigate. The place is huge and has a lot of history.  The military used it for radar research during WWII. There are still Faraday cages there. It was used by Kings College and also had a college chapel. It was also once occupied by the KKK. We had a few minor personal experiences. Most of it was hearing movement. Our psychic sensed the spirit of a Colonel in the building who did not like answering the womens questions and preferred to be called sir. The place is so big we actually ran out of time, so we will probably return in the future.

Voice at the very beginning, caught in the Ballroom
MPEG video file [2.4 MB]
Between 5-6 seconds we hear something like "wow". Followed by the k2 lighting up, as you will hear from the investigator.
MPEG video file [7.8 MB]
Listen for something after the investigator says " like you did before"
MPEG video file [7.3 MB]
No explanation needed here.
MPEG video file [4.9 MB]
Sounds like "stuck here" (between 4-5 seconds)
MPEG video file [4.9 MB]
At 8 seconds you will hear one of the Faraday cages rattle in a room on the other side of our location.
MPEG video file [6.8 MB]
At 7 seconds there's a whistle. This came just after the cage rattle and seemed to come from the same area.
MPEG video file [8.2 MB]

June 7th,2014-Eastern State Penitentiary,Philadephia, PA


ESP has seen much pain and suffering in its lifetime. There have been murders and suicides there. Not to mention the horrible living conditions and treatment of the inmates. I definitely recommend visiting for a day time tour of the building. Unfortunately, as far as our investigationg goes, we did not experience or capture much. We did have some odd K2 activity in the showers on cell block 12. It seemed as someone was coming and going. One minute the K2 maxed out, the next it was at 0. It did that several times. I believe it may have been residual activity. It's possible most of the spirits have moved on or they are just tired of the same questions being asked over and over by other investigators over the years. They simply did not want to interact with us tonight. Check out our photos in the gallery.

May 17th, 2014-White Hill Mansion, Fieldsboro, NJ


White Hill dates back over 237 years. It was a part of the Revolutionary War. It was owned by Robert Field who mysteriously drown in the Delaware River in 1775. It was also a bordello and a restaurant. The mansion was an interesting place to investigate. There have been other groups who have captured some evidence of the paranormal here. We had a few personal experiences which included disembodied voices and  sounds of movement around the house. We captured several EVP's and an interesting still photo. We believe something (or someone) lingers there.

After the investigator says "that's right" There is an voice. Next you will hear another investigator say "What was that"
MP3 audio file [141.7 KB]
After we ask about the Navy. It sounds like "you'll soon forget"
MP3 audio file [127.4 KB]
Right after an investigator says "no way out , right" there is a voice. Unknown what is being said.
MP3 audio file [77.2 KB]
This is a low quality EVP, but it's there if you listen close. About 5 seconds after we ask if you want a drink, there is a very low whisper "yes"
MP3 audio file [88.6 KB]
A lot of movement and knocking on a floor no one is on.
MPEG video file [7.3 MB]
Same room. A lot of knocking with no one around.
MPEG video file [19.4 MB]
About 6 seconds after the investigator asks about doing business, sounds like whispering.
MPEG video file [12.2 MB]

We caught what seems to be a reflection of someone on the right side of the phone.

March 8th, 2014-Shanley Hotel, Napanoch, NY


The Shanley has a long history and it was an interesting place to investigate. As far as personal experiences go, two investigators heard a groan/growl type noise coming from the closet in Jonathan's room on the third floor as they were setting up the first camera. Also, two investigators who slept in a second floor bedroom that has seen a couple deaths experienced two things. At one time during the night they experienced a cold spot under the covers as they were going to sleep, that came out of nowhere and lasted less than a minute before disappearing.The other was much more obvious. As one of them pulled the covers over themselves, the sheet landed across his face. Moments later "someone" blew in his face so hard, the sheet flipped off his face. We captured several EVP's and a few strange photos. We have some odd video, but for some reason i'm having a problem with the video software. I will fix that, so check back. We believe the Shanley is haunted and will probably return in the future. 

There are stories of a spirit of a cat roaming the Shanley. Just before the investigator begins to talk, we hear a meow.
MP3 audio file [49.8 KB]
After you hear a single "giggle" from our investigator, we hear a deep voice but are unclear on what is being said.
MP3 audio file [161.6 KB]
This sounds like something sliding across the floor in another room or a female voice.
MP3 audio file [162.4 KB]
Same as the last. We think it's coming from another floor. You will hear the investigator say " i don't know what that is" Unclear if it's movement or a voice.
MP3 audio file [203.3 KB]
Shortly after the investigator says "like that" we hear a very low "NO"
MP3 audio file [131.0 KB]
That is not us whistling.
MP3 audio file [84.1 KB]
We try to ask Jonathan how old he is. After a few seconds, you will hear 4 footsteps (this is us) but then we hear what sounds like a child's voice.
MP3 audio file [154.7 KB]
We are testing a motion detector (Caution, it's loud). After the first initial "beep" there is a very strange voice. Unclear what it is, but it's not us.
MP3 audio file [58.8 KB]

This photo was taken by a motion activated camera. Could just be a crazy reflection from the window but the camera has to sense motion to take a photo. 

November 16th, 2013-Christ Church & Cemetery, Shrewsbury, NJ


The parish of Christ Church was founded in 1702. The property is a Revolutionary War site as it was used as barracks for American soldiers. Revolutionary war officer James Green who was a captain in the 3rd regiment of the Monmouth County Militia is buried there. This year marks the 275th anniversary of the Christ Church chapter.

There have been no reports of paranormal activity at Christ Church, but with the history of the property and the surrounding area, we thought we would check it out. Unfortunately, we did not capture any evidence of activity at this location.

November 2nd, 2013-Private Home, Brick, NJ


This home has been investigated many times by several different groups, each getting some kind of evidence. However, no one has been able to determine exactly what is going on in this home. There are voices, footsteps, items moving and even full body apparitions according to the owners. We did not capture any video or photographic evidence, but we did get several EVP's.

We just turned on the recorder and are setting up when we get a voice which was not heard at the time.
MP3 audio file [85.8 KB]
After you hear the camera beep, there is a grunt or groan. You will hear one of our investigators acknowledge it.
MP3 audio file [65.3 KB]
Lisrten closely after i say the word "and"
MP3 audio file [96.3 KB]
We picked up a strange moan during a moment of silence. Did not hear it at the time.
MP3 audio file [82.0 KB]
We had the recorder right next to the sink in the kitchen. The recorder ran for 4 hours and the water only dripped once and it dripped into the basin not into water like it sounds, then we got 2 knock
MP3 audio file [349.0 KB]
After our investigator challenges the spirit to do something, the table moves.
MP3 audio file [348.2 KB]

October 26th, 2013-Private Home, Atco, NJ


We received a call from a single dad in Atco who has an 11 year old autistic son that seemed to be being harassed by something unseen. There were reports of voices calling his name and strange orb activity. He did provide us with video and audio from his phone that was odd, so we decided to try and help. Unfortunately, we did not come up with any evidence of activity to validate his experiences. We suggested a house cleansing. Hopefully, this will calm things down.

October 5th, 2013-Covenhoven House, Freehold, NJ


There are not many 260 year old homes around anymore. It was interesting to see the architecture and how homes were built in the 1700's. The curator for the Monmouth County Historical Society allowed us to investigate the home after a guide witnessed a woman in period clothing "float" across the living room and then disappear. After a long investigation, we did not capture anything on camera or video. We did capture 3 EVP's. We also witnessed our REM POD react to something for several seconds. There were no investigators in the room when this happened. We caught it on one of our video cameras. A REM POD is a device that radiates its own magnetic field. When the field is influenced, the alarm sounds and lights flash. There were also a few personal experiences of what sounded like movement in rooms that were vacant. We will revisit to see if we can capture the mysterious woman in the living room.

Two breaths in to the recorder.
MP3 audio file [92.7 KB]
Long breath after an investigator says "running water in the sink".
MP3 audio file [149.4 KB]
After we ask about burning homes and the British approaching, there is a female voice. Is she saying "i don't know"?
MP3 audio file [129.4 KB]


September 21, 2013-Strauss Mansion, Atlantic Highlands, NJ


 This was our second trip back to Strauss Mansion. The first time we were here we didn't get a single hit on the EMF detectors and nothing on our recorders. However, this time was different. We got several EVP's and there were 2 rooms on the second floor with crazy EMF hits. The room with the Native American artifacts had EVP hits only in certain areas of the room. Then they would disappear only to return again. We had hits all around a very old wheelchair and around a glass case with the artifacts. There was a second room on that floor where the "tower" is located. There is a story about an old trophy from the early 1900's that hangs on the wall in that room. One night the board was at the Mansion and they heard a loud noise. When they went to the second floor, this trophy was off the wall. Not only off the wall, but around the corner and down the hall. So, we decided to place an EMF detector and recorder there and ask some questions. There were no responses on the recorder, but when i asked the first question, the meter started going off. When i asked if i could touch it and i put my hand on it, the meter immediately maxed out. When i backed off the meter dropped down to normal. After a few hours, we decided to take a break. When we resumed the investigation, the atmosphere was different. No more EMF's anywhere in the house. Not even in the places where we were getting the crazy readings. I guess they got bored with us.

Immediately after the second footstep there are 2 or 3 words. These are not our footsteps.
MP3 audio file [63.8 KB]
Several breaths in this one
MP3 audio file [172.9 KB]
Right after Matt says "and" there is a strange voice or sound.
MP3 audio file [62.6 KB]
After Claire says " not the most exciting person" there is a high pitched female voice. We can't tell what is being said.
MP3 audio file [62.6 KB]
After Claire aks "does it look very different from when you lived here?" there is a whisper, sounds like "it's gone" (Between the 11 and 12 second mark)
MP3 audio file [251.9 KB]

June 15th, 2013- Burlington County Prison, Mt Holly, NJ


Burlington County Prison was an fun and interesting place to investigate. A few of our investigators experienced shadow play in a couple locations. We also seemed to have a communication session going with the K2 meter in the kitchen area. We did an EMF sweep of the location before we began. We did get several spikes throughout the prison during the investigation. We also got "buzzed" a few times by the resident bat! We did not get anything in our photos unfortunately. We did capture several EVP's. The prison has a long history of violence, death and paranormal activity. We believe it to be haunted and most likey will return in the future. 

Loud knock
MP3 audio file [87.3 KB]
Loud Breath
MP3 audio file [79.2 KB]
Sounds like a male voice speaking quickly. We believe it's saying " I knew it was wrong"
MP3 audio file [53.5 KB]
Very faint voice followed by an unknown sound
MP3 audio file [51.8 KB]
Movement we could not find the source of at the time
MP3 audio file [336.4 KB]
Whispering voice. You will then hear our investigator say " did you hear that?"
MP3 audio file [251.1 KB]
Another whispering voice. Unsure of what is being said.
MP3 audio file [175.1 KB]
After our investigator asks "is anyone here with us?", there is a knock and an inaudible whisper.
MP3 audio file [97.2 KB]
Listen for the very loud knock. After that you will hear "stop" This was not one of us.
MP3 audio file [64.9 KB]
Immediately you will hear a scream in the backround. Our investigator then says "did you hear that?" At no time during the investigation did anyone in another location of the prison hear a scream.
MP3 audio file [207.4 KB]

May 29th 2013, Grand Lady By The Sea B&B, Highlands, NJ


The Grand Lady is a red brick Victorian home built in 1910 that overlooks Sandy Hook. It was also a maternity hospital in the 1930's. There have been a few witnesses to paranormal activity including the previous owner and author John P King. In fact, the reason he sold it to the current owner is because he has claimed to see an apparition of a crying woman on the property twice. Connie, the owner, has had a few strange experiences in the house as have some tennants. Unfortunately, we captured no signs of paranormal activity. We did not have access to the room with the most activity on this night, so we may return soon to try again.


April 6th 2013, Proprietary House, Perth Amboy, NJ


The Proprietary House was a fun place to investigate. There is a history of paranormal activity here. We did have a couple personal experiences. We thought we heard a voice, a whistle and a cat. Hardly evidence of activity. We did not capture anything on our video cameras or our still photos. Nor was there any interesting readings on our meters. We did capture three EVP's during the night. Based on the evidence of past investigations of other groups, we believe it is haunted. Maybe we will revisit one day and try to capture more evidence! 

Strange static with a voice in the backround. Our investigator then says "yeah, i heard that too, what was that?"
MP3 audio file [107.8 KB]
We are discussing Eastern State Penitentiary when someone disagrees. We believe they are saying "NO"
MP3 audio file [103.3 KB]
Our investigators are talking when you here what seems to be a scream in the backround. We did not hear this at the time.
MP3 audio file [110.2 KB]

February 2nd, Strauss Mansion, Atlantic Highlands, NJ


Strauss Mansion is a Queen Anne style home built in 1893. This is a huge home with 17 rooms. We did not capture any evidence here. No EVP's, photos, video or personal experiences. This was a tough investigation. The house is drafty. It was very cold and windy the night of the investigation. Our equipment read 49 to 52 degrees througout the entire house and the wind was shaking the windows and causing the house to creak and moan. We are invited back to try again in the summer and since this was a summer home, maybe we'll have better luck!

October 26th, Private Home, Eatontown, NJ


We received an email asking for help. There were reports of having the feeling of being watched, orb activity, odd things showing up in photos and a 5 year old girl seeing several spirits. We did not capture any evp's but did capture a very interesting photo and a strange 10-20 second emf surge that made out our k2 meter max out and caused only the camera in the room where it happened to flicker or flash. After the investigation we conducted a smudging to cleanse the home. Afterwards, the resident said it did feel lighter but continues to see shadows and have occasional uneasy feelings. Perhaps a return trip is in the future.

This is the before photo taken in the master bedroom. Study it, then check out the second photo.

Taken with the same camera a couple seconds after the first picture.

The resident caught an anomaly at the bottom right while taking a picture of her Christmas tree.

October 6th, 2012-Burrowes Mansion, Matawan, NJ


Burrowes Mansion is a Georgian style home built by John Bowne III in 1723. In 1769 it was purchased by John Burrowes Sr. The home played a part in a Revolutionary War skirmish in May 1776. There is a lot of history to this home. Not only from the Revolutionary War, but there is also a history of paranormal activity. Including disembodied voices, objects being moved, footsteps, strange photos and evp's. We had two personal experiences before we even started our investgation. The first was a series of footsteps on the second floor and then a female voice that seemed to come from nowhere. This happened while we were being told there may be two young girl spirits in the home. We didn't catch anything on video but we did get a few evp's and a very interesting photo . I believe this house to be haunted. You can feel it, especially in the attic that was once a servants quarters. 

Window looking out two stories above ground of the Slaves quarters. Located in the attic.

Sounds like 3 words, then the door latch.
Wave audio file [714.1 KB]
9 seconds after Carla asks "can you light up 3 lights?" very faint "yeah" or "yes" then a knock we didn't hear at the time.
Wave audio file [2.2 MB]
right off the bat you will hear whispering, even while Chris starts to talk and mention that the k2 on the chair is lighting up.
MP3 audio file [157.6 KB]
After Chris says "picture" you will hear a whisper what sounds like "Carla"
MP3 audio file [82.5 KB]
A female voice then a very strange sound.
MP3 audio file [45.8 KB]
Sound like "I am ?" can't quite make out the last word.
MP3 audio file [18.0 KB]
Faint whisper then a loud female voice saying what sounds like "Who is she?" We got this one while packing up our equipment.
MP3 audio file [83.3 KB]
After someone says "is that you?" over the walkie, deep breath. This was not the investigators breath.
Wave audio file [941.1 KB]
After Krystal says "enjoy it" there's a quick "yeah" or maybe a breath.
Wave audio file [1.1 MB]
After i say "we didn't get an answer" there's a "hey" or "yeah"
Wave audio file [891.8 KB]
After i say the word "slaves" there's a distant female yell then a loud knock we didn't hear at the time of recording.
Wave audio file [1.4 MB]

September 22nd, Private Home-Highlands, NJ


There were claims of whispering, doors opening and an apparition in the kitchen window. After a thorough investigation we were unable to capture any evidence. The claims were witnessed some time ago, so perhaps whatever or whoever was there has left. If the activity starts up again, we will revisit the location.

September 8th, Empire Antiques-Hightstown, NJ


Empire Anitiques was quite a challenge due to it's 75,000 square feet of floor space. We did manage to complete the investigation without getting lost in there. During the investigation, we heard some knocking, tapping and floor boards creaking. Two of our investigators did feel cold air and what seemed to be a breeze. Not hard to feel because it was 80 degrees in the building and the a/c was turned off. We did not come up with any video or still picture evidence. We did capture some interesting things on audio. Is this place haunted? We don't know. There does seem to be something going on and maybe another investigation will get us the evidence we need.

Our investigators are trying to get a spirit to turn the light on our k2 meter to solid green.
Wave audio file [1.0 MB]
After the camera takes a pic......a loud knock
Wave audio file [384.0 KB]
Loud knock while investigators are talking but they don't acknowledge it.
Wave audio file [513.3 KB]
You will hear a faint "pop" while our investigators are walking. Then Carla says what was that and Chris replies i have no idea.
Wave audio file [730.0 KB]
We ask if there's a message to pass on then a tap very close to the recorder
Wave audio file [285.2 KB]
There's a loud tap that is not heard at the time then our investigators feel a breeze.
Wave audio file [661.6 KB]
An inaudible answer to our question?
Wave audio file [437.3 KB]
Whispering right before Carla asks "are you right in front of me?"
Wave audio file [509.5 KB]
A whisper after Chris mentions the air conditioning
Wave audio file [285.2 KB]
Very soft whispering at the end.
Wave audio file [942.9 KB]

July 14th 2012, Rose Hill Cemetery-Matawan NJ

Rose Hill has a history of paranormal activity. Many groups have claimed to have captured evidence on previous investigations. As for personal experiences, two of our investigators believed they witnessed people walking around in the graveyard with bright flashlights. However,  we never found anyone to be there. We also managed to capture a couple interesting photos and one strange evp. We are not big believers in "orbs".  Most of the time they are insects or dust reflecting light. The lights in the pictures we posted are abnormally bright. What are they? We don't know, but we know what they are not, cars, street lights or homes.

The pictures were taken on top of a hill and the street and houses were far below. We think there may be some activity here, but are unsure whether to call it haunted. We will be going back again.

Lester Stillwell is the 12 year old boy who was killed in the 1916 shark attack in Matawan creek that inspired the movie JAWS. He is buried here in Rose Hill Cemetery along with Stanley Fisher, the man who died trying to save him.

After Lester is asked to move a toy, It sounds like someone runs up to the recorder, moves it and runs away. After that we hear "who's that?"
Rose Hill evp2.wav
Wave audio file [1.0 MB]

This picture shows what look like very brightly lit "eyes" and if you look closely there seems to be a body like shape to it.

Same picture as above except we used the "heat" option on our program. Notice how the eyes are red and you can see more of the body outline.

June 16th 2012, Highlands NJ private home

There seem to be very little activity in this old 3 story home during the investigation. No emf readings, no odd sounds or feelings and nothing on our still shots or IR cameras. Our recorders however, captured some interesting evp's. This home has several witnesses that have experienced activity, including children. There was also a death in the home not too long ago.

As our investigator says the word "just" something talks over her.
jack 1.wav
Wave audio file [1.0 MB]
A few seconds after the question, you will hear a "yes" whispered.
jack 5.wav
Wave audio file [689.1 KB]
This was recorded on the first floor. All 3 of our investigators were on the third floor at the time.
Wave audio file [230.1 KB]
Someone tries to get our attention as we walk upstairs.
Wave audio file [136.4 KB]
We were on a break sitting in the first floor living room. We left a recorder on the third floor and this is what we got.
jack 7.wav
Wave audio file [12.3 MB]

March 24th 2012, Atlantic Highlands NJ private home

This home seemed to have some activity, though limited.  As for personal experiences, we all heard some knocking in strange areas.  Temperature and EMF readings were consistant except for a brief few minutes when both the K2 meter and MEL meter very gradually climbed from their lowest settings to very high on the living room sofa.  They held there for a minute and when we started asking questions they very gradually dropped back to zero and never returned.  We got nothing on our cameras.  However we did manage to catch several EVP's on our recorders. Some are inaudible,some we think we know what is being said. Some are direct responses to questions.  Based on the many evp's we came up with, we believe there is something intelligent that remains in this home.

AH 1.wav
Wave audio file [258.4 KB]
We hear "wake you up"
AH 2.wav
Wave audio file [258.4 KB]
Distant yell at the beginning and again at the end.
AH 4.wav
Wave audio file [430.7 KB]
After we move the recorder, there's a male voice.
AH 5.wav
Wave audio file [430.7 KB]
Our investigator gets a reply to her request of "all you have to do is press the black button" (on flashlight)
AH 6.wav
Wave audio file [516.8 KB]
After our investigator asks "is that you moving things" you will hear a low whispered "no"
AH 7.wav
Wave audio file [430.7 KB]
Our investigator asks "can you tell us something?' we get a stretched out "NOOOO"
AH 8.wav
Wave audio file [689.1 KB]
After our investigator asks "do you miss being here?" we hear a quick whisper, "yeah"
AH 9.wav
Wave audio file [258.4 KB]
After we ask "anyone who wants to make contact with us?" we hear a sentence that seems to end with "right in front"
AH 11.wav
Wave audio file [1.3 MB]
An investigator says "we were told that you were here,so." We then get an inaudible answer.
AH 12.wav
Wave audio file [861.4 KB]

Check out the left side of the window. This is the same room where we caught all but 2 of our evp's.........

January 19th 2012 Highlands NJ private home

After reviewing the evidence for the investigation in Highlands, we came up with an inconclusive outcome.  Nothing to speak of on our video equipment or on our still camera shots.  Other than a few "knocks", "clicks" and our K2 meter moving a bit, none of our investigators seemed to have any personal experiences.  We did however record a few anamolous sounds on our recorders.  Sounded like someone "flicking" the recorder with their finger.  This home does have a few witnesses to activity in the past, including myself.  I guess they didn't want to play tonight.

Monmouth County, NJ

Email: parsinvestigations@gmail.com

Phone: +1 732 241-4607