Paranormal Activity Research Society (P.A.R.S.)

P.A.R.S. is a paranormal research group based in Monmouth County, NJ. We perform  professional and confidential investigations for private residences and businesses.

Eastern State Penintentiary
Need a haircut?
Cell Block
Cell Block
Cell at ESP
Al Cappone's Cell

This photo was sent to us by a commuter on the Long Island Railroad. You are looking at a reflection on the inside of the widow of one of the cars. The reflection is of the seat in front of him, only there is no one actually in the seat. Only in the reflection.

Shanley Hotel, Napanoch, NY.

Third floor bedroom at the Shanley.

Third floor of the Shanley.

Christ Church- Shrewsbury, NJ

Christ Church

Christ Church

Very old carriage at Covenhoven House.

This is a 250 year old  original painting at the Covenhoven House.

Attic- Covenhoven House

Stairway-Covenhoven House

Fireplace at Covenhoven House, Freehold, NJ

Hallway of the Burlington County Prison.

Solitary confinement.

Room with a view at the prison.

Rear view of the prison.

The gallows at Burlington County Prison where 6 men were hanged.

Burlington County Prison cell block.

Shark attack of 1916
Image captured at Burrowes Mansion, Matawan
infamouse Rose Hill Cemetery
Pet's headstone at Rose Hill

This photo was taken on our March 19th investigation in Atlantic Highlands. It shows an eerie human like image on the left side of the center window. Other than the photographer, no one was in the room at the time the photo was taken. This room is also where we got almost all of our EVP's.



We do have some EVP's for you to listen to on our "Investigations" page.  Check it out!



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