Paranormal Activity Research Society (P.A.R.S.)

Paranormal Activity Research Society (P.A.R.S.) is a paranormal research group based in Monmouth County, NJ.  We perform professional and confidential investigations for private residences and businesses.


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I am fascinated by things unknown.  I had a couple spirit experiences early in my life. As I got older I became more interested in the paranormal which lead me to join a research group and eventually form my own team. Our spirits are energy and energy can't be destroyed, only displaced. The paranormal world is vast and uncharted. There is always more to learn, but i don't believe we will ever truly understand it. I don't think we are meant to.

Dawn ... Atlantic Highlands, NJ


My experiences with the paranormal started when I was eight years old after my family moved into a 1600's stone farm house.  Many unexplainable experiences and apparition affected my whole family during our lengthy stay in this house.  Unfortunately the acceptance of a possible paranormal haunting was not widely accepted during this time and any conversation about ghosts to outsiders was concealed.


It was not until much later, after mvoing into another haunted house and the wide acceptance of "Ghost Hunting", that I felt it was acceptable and essential for me to learn more about this pehnomenon.  I joined PARS after their recent investigation of my house and my goal is to learn and gain an understanding of these mysterious happening that have been a part of my life.


The PARS team is a great group of dedicated knowledgeable professionals.  Each member brings to the team their own experiences and personal skills that aid in the investigations.

Jim… Bridgewater, NJ


I have always had an interest in the spiritual unknown … call it paranormal or what you will. I believe life exists outside of our physical world and I believe in life after death.  When I was very young I had an experience that I can recall quite vividly even today. That led me to a conviction that there are definitely times when the spirit remains after a physical death.  This could be due to a tragic end, or a person refusing to leave a loved one for reasons we may not understand. Being a part of the PARS team enables me to explore and investigate all the possibilities of an afterlife and beyond. Since joining the team, I found a group of dedicated professional investigators who enjoy working together to try to find answers to all of the above.

I was taught at a  young age that ghosts walk among us and share our homes. I believe it was meant to toughen me up to be less afraid of the unknown. I still get startled but I am definitely more curious than scared. 
Working with PARS and it's other investigators with varying beliefs and backgrounds has given me the opportunity to gather evidence of what some refuse to believe in … spirits and after-life. And, I truly enjoy helping the home-owners that contact PARS with concerns of hauntings by investigating their homes and offering support.
When I review video/audio from an investigation I like to look at it from every possible angle and every logical possibility before presenting it as potential evidence. Not everyone is a believer but some things just can’t be explained away. That is why we keep searching.

Scott Michael-Middletown, NJ


Instagram scottythenjmedium and at scottythenjmedium.com/


Scott is a Psychic Medium, this means that he connects to those who have passed on, those who are stuck and those who are still with us. He uses his abilities in many ways during our investigations including his ability to speak for the dead. Scott as a paranormal investigator remains grounded and with our philosophy that not everything is paranormal. He always stays open and listens to our clients concerns and uses his years of knowledge as a Psychic Advisor to help work through the issues at hand and beyond.

Scott utilizes crystals, sage and blessed water as well as many other holistic tools to help guide him during our investigations. He takes his time to feel the environment at each location in order to help further our findings and present solid evidence at each location. Scott does not ask for details before arriving at a location as he feels that it could influence his findings and opinion of the activity in each case. Often times Scott will receive information about the places we are scheduled to investigate several days before we arrive, this information comes from his Guides and natural intuitive abilities as a Psychic.

With his life experience dealing with the paranormal and speaking with the dead Scott is a valuable asset to the team and on each investigation he brings a unique energy with him that has proved to be very helpful and insightful for some of our most difficult cases.

Matt has been with PARs from almost the beginning. He joined the group as photographer (He enjoys photographing historical sites), but has developed an interest in the paranormal as the investigations passed. He finds going over the evidence fascinating and when one of the investigators find some activity in the evidence, his fascination grows.
In his spare time Matt enjoys photography, RVing, music and dining out. He works as a Realtor and has occasionally run across homes that have reported paranormal activity.


Monmouth County, NJ

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Phone: +1 732 241-4607