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Do you wonder......"Is My House Haunted?".........Let us find out!

P.A.R.S. is a paranormal research group based in Monmouth County, NJ. We cover New Jersey and parts of New York and Pennsylvania.  We conduct FREE and confidential investigations to residences and businesses that feel they are having problems with the paranormal. We are a very professional team that is passionate and serious about the research. We bring an understanding as well as experience and knowledge to our investigations. Although we are fascinated by this subject, our main focus is to help people understand and deal with what is happening. No investigation is too big or too small. Evidence is the key to help you validate what you are experiencing. Maybe we can debunk the strange happenings in your home and make you feel more at ease. PARS wants to help you discover the truth.

Perhaps you are just curious about who shares your space with you. Whether you think you have seen an apparition, ghost or spirit or heard a disembodied voice, we can be there to help. Maybe you have even experienced poltergeist activity! We have found over the years that many groups claiming to be paranormal investigators should no be in the field. Many are thrill seekers who have little experience. They are unprofessional and disrespectful in their investigations. Many will also stir up activity in your home by using provacation techniques only to leave you to deal with the aftermath because they simply don't know what to do when they actually come across legitimate activity. Please reach out to us before making any decisions. At the very least, we can answer your questions with complete honesty and give you the information you need to make the right decision. Never use a group that charges money. 

 No matter what type of haunting you might have, you are not alone. PARS never shares information or findings without the clients permission. We know it's not easy to contact people who do what we do, but we may be able to get you some answers. Who would understand your problem better than us? Please, reach out to us if you need answers or help. we do not judge and we have heard it all so don't be afraid to speak up.


The Investigation Process

We begin our investigations between the hours of 8-9pm and they usually take 4-6 hours to complete depending on the size of the location, the accessibility to it and the activity we are experiencing. We will ask that you try to get all pets and family members out of the home during the investigation due to possible contamination of the evidence. We understand a home owner is not going to give access to their home to strangers so we do allow a family member to be there. 


Upon arrival we will set up all of our specialized equipment, which include infrared video cameras, digital voice recorders, electro magnetic field meters, digital cameras, digital thermometers and several other tools.  Once the investigation starts we will begin to cover all the areas that have claims of activity.  We will do our best to prove or debunk all claims. 


After the investigation, we will review all of our video and audio recordings in a timely matter as well as discuss our personal experiences.  We will then contact the client and make an appointment to show any evidence we may have captured.  We will also discuss our personal experiences as well as any possible alternative explanations for the activity.

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